Monday, October 26, 2009

The kids first Utah game!

So Joe and I have season tickets to the Utes games but on Saturday we had no one to watch the kids but luckily our friends wife couldn't make it so they had and extra ticket for Braxton and Cadence gets in free. They were so excited! They love the Utes almost as much as we do. The game was a 2 but we wanted to get there early so we could walk around let the kids see everything. We usually park away from the stadium and ride Trax and the kids loved it. I don't think they had ever ridden it before. We got to the stadium and found some face tattoos for the kids. The band always plays outside before the game and we watched them for a while.

I thought it was pretty cool that they put their hats in a U. We went to our seats and not too long into the game it started to rain which wasn't too fun but at least it wasn't cold. It was right around Cadences nap time so she was kind of out of it for a little while but she never fell asleep but she perked up around half time and really started to enjoy it. Braxton sat on our friend Kerry's lap almost the whole game and stole some popcorn from some of our neighbors (they actually gave it to him but he ate more than they did lol) We were kind of worried that Utah wasn't going to pull out the win for their first game but they ended up winning in overtime =)
We are trying to adjust our season tickets so we can add some for the kids for next year. Hopefully we can because we had tons of fun and so did they. I think it was a lot for them to take in though. Cadence fell asleep on our way back to the car and Braxton fell asleep in the car. That was about 6 and Cadence slept until 7:30 the next morning.
Here are a few pictures from the game:

We also let Braxton take one of our old cameras and take his own pictures. Some are actually okay and not blurry. He took a bunch of videos thinking he was taking a picture. Here are some of his:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I haven't posted for a while because there really hasn't been anything to post about. We are just living life and loving it. We have been in Park City for over 2 months! It's crazy how fast time flies. Fall semester started and I really like all of my classes. I am taking my math class at the UVU Wasatch campus in Heber and I have 3 online classes: Biology, Nutrition and Intermediate writing. I hate writing but so far it has been okay. The kids are doing great, it amazes me how much they grow and improve in so little time. When it was warm we would put them in the jogging strollers and run/walk to a park about a mile away from our house. It was great, I hate sitting in the house all day and it kept us and the kids active. Now that it is cold it really sucks. It has already snowed a few times up here and the kids hate that we can't go to the park. I love fall because that means: Halloween, the leaves change, my birthday and football. We have season tickets to the Utah games. They are so much fun! We also have all the NFL games. I love football and Joe is really glad he has someone who loves to watch sports as much as he does. He has a fantasy football league with his friends and someone backed out or something right before they started so I was recruited to play. I really thought that I would get beaten every week but we are 4 weeks in and I am winning! =) It's really funny because they really take this stuff seriously and I really could care less if I played. They can't handle the fact the a girl is beating all 9 of them. I'm sure that my winning streak will come to an end soon but right now it's great. Besides football, school, and the kiddos we really don't have much going on right now but life is good and I wouldn't have it any other way. If any of you are ever up here don't be afraid to stop by and say hi.

Oh and we finally set a date... July 2nd. I am so excited, at times I feel like it is so far away and other times I feel like it is coming really fast. Only 268 days...