Monday, August 30, 2010

God is Great!

On Sunday the 22nd Joe and I made a decision both personally and together to be baptized. Our church has an annual baptism for anyone who feels like it is the right time. The first Sunday they announced it I had a feeling that I should do it. I didn't say anything to Joe and prayed about it and just knew that it was right. When I told Joe he said he had the feeling that he should do it again too. He had been baptized as a teenager but after everything that he has been through since then he felt like it was more meaningful. It was one of the best experiences of my entire life especially to do it with my husband! The feeling of knowing that Christ is my savior and that he died for me and forgave me of my sins is something that I never want to lose. Our church has some amazing people in it, Sundays are my favorite day of the week. I love the message, the worship and the fellowship. Here are some photos of the day, taken by Carissa:

Wedding Part 3::The Reception and more

After the trampoline it was time to cut the cake, bouquet and garter toss. I need to give a big thanks to my mom because not only did she make our cake, she did everything else for the reception. All the food and decorating were done by her, she was amazing and I can never thank her enough for all she did that day.

We wanted to do a little dancing. Our first dance was great but no one else really got in on the dancing so we stopped and just started the fireworks orchestrated by Carl and Caleb.

After the fireworks we took off, but seeing as I didn't eat anything all day our day didn't end there. We decided to hit In N Out before going to the hotel and Joe, Steph and the Fine family tagged along. Carissa couldn't pass up and taking more photos, we got lots of stares and the In N Out people loved it.

And that was the happy ending to our perfect day ♥

(honeymoon post coming as soon as I have time)

Wedding Part 2::The Reception

Sorry for taking so long to post part 2. Life is busy as most of you already know.

So after the ceremony we were going to take more pictures of just us at the Utah State Hospital in Provo but traffic was awful because of it being a holiday weekend so we just ended up going to my grandparents and taking them there. It worked out great and I love all the pictures we got. Here are a few:

After we took pictures it was time for the reception to start. We were supposed to have chocolate fountains but it was so windy that as soon as they were turned on the chocolate blew everywhere so we ended up just having melted chocolate in bowls. Besides the wind the reception turned out perfectly. So many people came and supported us, it was incredible. In the months before the wedding I had been browsing KSL for different wedding things and came across an ad for a photobooth, I talked to my mom about and we decided to do it. I am so happy we did, it is one of my favorite things from the whole day. We used the photobooth strips for our guestbook. I didn't want a typical guestbook and this way was so much fun.

Our colors were black, hot pink and white. It was amazing how well we were able to find everything in the same pink. Here are a few photos from the line and some detail shots:

Carissa saw the trampoline and so during a break in the line we took some pictures on it. They were so much fun and so unique. I don't know many people who have wedding pictures on a trampoline.