Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturdays :)

I love Saturdays, no where to be and all day with my family. Yesterday was spent with a bike ride and then down to the Gateway. We went to the children's museum and had an awesome time. We were even lucky enough to get all of us in for the price of 1 admission because the people in front of us had a 6 person pass and only used 3 and they gave the other ones to us. Score :) The kids spent the majority of the time in the grocery store, they loved pretending to be cashiers and stockers and bakers. It is always hard to get the kids to leave that place but luckily they were hungry and we got them leave for California Pizza Kitchen. Joe used to work there so we always get great deals from old coworkers. It was an awesome day spent with my favorite people. <3

(sorry the only pics are on my phone)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

4 things..


  1. School - The University of Utah is my home Monday Wednesday and Friday.
  2. Church - Sunday is the best day of the week
  3. Home - It's boring but I love to just be home with Joe and the kids
  4. The park - well not right now but as soon as all the snow is gone we might as well live there.

  1. Joe's body wash and cologne -
  2. Coffee - I need this everyday
  3. Baby lotion - reminds me of my babies and rubbing them down after a bath
  4. Banana bread - it makes my house smell great and reminds me of when I was little


  1. Bones - we are almost done watching all the seasons on Netflix
  2. Survivor - Is it bad that I look forward to this every week?
  3. The Amazing Race - I totally think Joe and I could win it haha
  4. Whichever movie is Cadences favorite at the moment. We cuddle up during nap time and watch a movie everyday.


  1. Biking instead of running. Just got a bike and I actually look forward to working out and don't feel like my body is going to fall apart afterwards
  2. Uncooked tortillas from Costco - one of the best finds ever, we use them all the time.
  3. Toms - best shoes ever. One for One.
  4. Netflix - They have so many movies and TV shows, it one of the best choices we have made and so worth the monthly fee

Thanks for tagging me Heather!

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Friday, April 1, 2011


I was chatting with one of my cheerleaders (Jane) on facebook and she sent me this message:

jess seriously i look up to you. when im having a bad day i just think about what you would tell me and to calm down and that it will be okay and i just love you. you have helped me every step of the way and your like my roll model. im so glad i got the chance to make great memories with you and im so excited to make more

Absolutely made my day. It made all the drama and other crap I have to deal with so worth it.

Love these girls <3

(This is last years picture)