Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Just realized I never did a honeymoon post. I'll make it short and sweet.

It was an amazing week! It was exactly what we needed, relaxing with each other.
We found a condo on HomeAway.com that was a great price and we just hung out there most of the time. It was their rainy season so every morning when we got up it was raining but by afternoon it was beautiful so we would make the 15 minute walk to the beach and wander around and hang out at the beach. We found an awesome local restaurant that we ate at almost everyday. Before it started to get dark we would head back to the condo and chill. Our condo had a dipping pool which we took full advantage of. And our view was absolutely amazing. I can't wait to go back! Here are some pictures we took during the week.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cali Trip!

So over my fallbreak/UEA we chaperoned the Younglife trip to California. It was crazy/fun/exhausting, and so so worth it. Our friend Rob runs YoungLife in Park City and works out with Joe a few times a week. He told us to pray that more adults would step up to chaperone and we told him that we were free that weekend and would be glad to go. He was ecstatic and couldn't thank us enough for being willing to do it. There ended up being around 130 kids go. Here are the details of the trip

Meet at 9 PM for Club. The speaker for the weekend was Joe Cole and he was absolutely amazing. He has a passion for Christ and for teenagers, I wish I could take just a little bit of it into my life. We also had the pleasure of hearing music from Josh Rosenthal, amazing singer/songwriter. Check him out here or iTunes. Then we finally loaded up the buses and hit the road around 10:30 and drove all night til we reached Cali!

We arrived in Cali and our hotel was right on the beach in Oxnard. So most of the day was spent on the beach even though it was cloudy and the water was freezing. We helped the kids set up for some beach volleyball and played a little football. That night we had some pizza then had our second club and a nice little concert from Josh. Joe and I slept in different rooms so that we could interact with the kids and my girls were kind of shy but a few opened up and shared things with me and I shared with them. I hope to keep up some of the relationships that were made on the trip.

Friday: We woke up and headed to Six Flags-Magic Mountain. It was my first time ever being there and it was so much fun. I am for sure an adrenaline junky and these roller coasters were right up my alley. I suggest anyone taking a trip to SoCal to make time to head here. Favorite rides of the day: X2, Goliath, Batman and Tatsu. We ended the day again with Club and discussion time with our groups.

Saturday: We packed up and did Club in the morning and had a new believers walk. 15 kids devoted their life to Christ! It was amazing! Normally kids go on this trip for the fun and they usually don't have anyone accept Christ so 15 is an amazing number. After this we made our way to Disneyland! I love Disneyland, but hate the crowds. I wanted to take the kids next summer but decided to wait til they are a little older. We had tons of fun hanging out with a new friends and enjoyed the rides. My only disappointment for the day was not riding Space Mountain because the line was way too long everytime we checked.
Disney closed at Midnight and we climbed onto the bus exhausted and headed home.

Puttin up our U's!
Splash Mountain!

Loved all the Halloween Decorations

Before Captain EO

It was a fast paced, never stopping, incredibly fun trip that I would for sure do again. Count us in for next year!

P.S. Love that fact that I got to sleep during the 13 hour drive there and back. Wish I could do this everytime. :)