Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Braxtons Birthday

It was Braxtons Birthday on Sunday. I can't believe that he is 4. It's crazy. On Saturday we had party and went to Jumping Jacks with a few of his cousins and one of his friends. It was a blast but so hard to keep track of 6 kids. It was so busy, there were tons of kids there. After we played for a few hours we went to Dairy Queen and had some ice cream. On Sunday everyone in my family came over for dinner and Braxtons party. We had chicken because that's his favorite. Once again he was spoiled by everyone. My mom makes my kids cakes every year. She wants to make it a tradition they will remember with her. This year she asked Braxton what kind he wanted and he just said he wanted a red cake. (He is obsessed with the color red) We tried to show him some cute cakes like a monkey one and he didn't want them. So my mom went and bought a bunch of red candy and sprinkles to put on it. It turned out really cute. (I'll add pictures later. I have't put them on my computer yet.)

New Year New Beginnings

So I just started school this month. It's easier then I anticipated but I wish I could go to school and not work. Going to school full time, working full time and have 2 kids is hard work, but it's all worth it in the end. I'm really lucky my work is so flexible with my schedule they allow me to work whatever hours I need to go to school and still keep my full time status. It's been really great. I hope that all my jobs in the future will be as great as this one.

Christmas and New Years

I know this is really late but I just haven't had time to post anything.
We spent Christmas with my family. It was tons of fun. I had Christmas Eve off of work so Joe and I spent the whole morning wrapping Christmas presents. I found out I got my kids way too much. LOL. After we wrapped all day. We got ready to go to Joes church for their Christmas Eve meeting. It was really nice. I'd never been to another church besides the LDS church. It was nice to see what other people do and that they really aren't that much different then us. After that we went to my Granma Reynolds' house to open up the PJs we get every year. The kids were spending Christmas Eve with their dad's family so we dropped them off then we headed to my families Christmas Eve party. This year it was at my Uncle Gordans house. We ate alot of food and played tons of fun games. I was sad that I didn't get to put the kids to bed and wake up with them on Christmas but I had them last year so I guess it was only fair. Joe stayed the night so he got up with me and my family to open our presents. The kids got home before we finished opening all of the presents and they got to open their stuff from my parents and me.

We got a call from Travis at 9. It was so nice to hear from him. He sounded so good and so happy. We got some pictures later in the day from the mission president at the MTC in Madrid.
I already miss him tons and we are counting down the days til he gets home. After everyone had the chance to talk to Travis we said our goodbyes and cried a little. (We don't get another call til Mothers Day.) We went to both of my grandparents houses to open up presents. My kids got tons of stuff. They are so spoiled. I got a really cute necklace from my aunt. It is a metal circle with 2 stick figures of my kids and their names on it. I love it and wear it almost everyday. At my grandma Reynolds' house we ate our traditional Christmas breakfast: blintzes and tons of bacon and sausage. It was a really great day spent with family. I was sad it was over so fast.

On New Years we went to my grandmas house and had a party. It was tons of fun. We played games all night waiting for midnight. Braxton made it but Cadence was passed out at 10. All the grandkids slept over which means I got to sleep in and had some time to finish cleaning up the Christmas mess. On New Years Day everyone goes to my Grandmas house again and all the girls go shopping. It's tons of fun and nice to get out of the house and leave all the kids home with the guys.