Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Spirit!

I love Christmas time and this year it seems extra special. My own house with my kids and fiance. We went and picked out our tree last week and it was so cold! We hurried and found a nice full nine footer. It didn't look that big til we got it in the house. It is seriously huge. It was the kids weekend to go with their Dad and I wanted to make sure they could decorate some of it but we only had a few sets of lights so I put them on the bottom of the tree and then gave them the whole box of ornaments to put on. It was the cutest thing. Of course all of the ornaments ended up on the bottom part of the tree. I felt bad taking them all back down to put the new lights on after they left but we left some of the ornaments for them when they got home and Cadence is now constantly rearranging them.

After our huge snow storm over the weekend we decided to take the kids out to play in the snow. We finally got their boots and snow suits. It was so deep that Cadence couldn't even walk in it. We had tons of fun and made a snowman and named him Bob. He is right out our window so the kids can always see him and they like to make sure he is still there. We didn't have anything to make his face out of except for some baby carrots so Joe carved his mouth and we used balls for his eyes. After I stuck his arms in Braxton wanted to put a stick in too so he put about 6 sticks at the bottom and said they were his feet.

The other day we decided to make some Christmas sugar cookies. We had tons of fun and made a huge mess but it was so worth it. I let the kids help cut out the shapes, we had a Christmas tree a star and made some plain old round ones. We made red and green frosting and had red and green sprinkles. I gave them to the kids and let them go.

My family has so many Christmas traditions and I love every single one of them but I am so excited to be able to start some of my own and things that the kids can look back on and remember how special Christmas was during their childhood just like I remember mine.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

U of U student =)

I am so excited to finally start my college experience at the U! I wanted to start there but living in Utah county it was just more practical to attend UVU but since we moved to Park City I finally transferred! I feel like graduation is so far away but I am just about done with all of my generals and pre-requisites. As of January 11th I can officially call myself a student at the University of Utah.
We have season tickets to the basketball games this year. We joined a group called Section F. Coach Boylen wanted a section for the biggest fans to be kind of like the MUSS and stand and cheer and create energy for the team. It has been way fun and the kids love going to the games. Braxton calls them the huge guys lol :) They both put up their U's and clap and cheer and Cadence dances every time the band plays Utah man, she is so adorable. We have a young team but I have very high hopes for them. Last night the football team was there and sat behind us. Braxton was so shy and kept staring at them. He asked tons of questions like who is that and what number is he. At half time they went on the court and a few captains spoke and thanked the fans for their support during the season. When they sat back down we asked a few if they would take a picture with the kids. At first Braxton was shy but he eventually walked over and sat on their lap. They loved it! I am so excited for many more good times and great games!
Jordan Wynn, Chad Manis and Stevenson Sylvester with the kids.