Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am such a slacker on blogging lately but I have been super busy with school. Any spare time I have goes to homework and spending time with the kids. The last time I blogged was before Christmas! Yikes! Well here are a few updates for the last few months...

Christmas was great! We spent the night at my parents house and got to talk to my brother in Spain. We told ourselves we weren't going to buy the kids tons of stuff but they still ended up with a lot.
Joe was helping coach the Park City High School basketball team and we went to Cedar City for a tournament for a couple days.

I started school at the U and it's been a great experience. I am so glad that I transferred from UVU.
Went to a Jazz game with my family and stayed overnight in Salt Lake.
Joes mom and cousin Julie came out for a weekend and we had a great time and were even able to make it to the slopes.
Braxton turned 5!!! I can't believe my baby is that old.. Time flies after you have kids.

Joe Sr.'s birthday!
Really busy with school but we were able to take a break at the end of the month and go to Vegas with my family. We had a blast, the kids swam every day and loved it! I can't wait til our pool opens up. With no school this summer I am sure we will be there a lot.

The kids have started a soccer clinic and they are loving it.

Hopefully I can be better at updating. Here are a few pictures from the last few months too...

Joe, Me, Julie and Alyssa

We made to a few Utah basketball games too..

Joe and I on the strip.

The kids playing with my brother in the pool.