Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had an awesome Christmas. I feel like December flew by, of course we ended up last minute shopping, I had most of the kids stuff already but just never had the time to shop til the semester was over. Braxton started to get really curious about Santa and asked me multiple times if he was real, I wasn't really prepared for this but one of the times he asked it Cadence said that he wasn't so we decided that if they were already curious and Cadence didn't believe that we would just tell them that he is just pretend. I thought it would be kind of sad to not have them believe but I feel better that they don't. I always felt like parents got the shaft when it came to Santa because he got all the credit for the cool stuff kids get but now my kids know that all the cool stuff actually comes from us. It also helped because we stayed at my parents house Christmas night and they already knew that Santa was pretend they weren't disappointed when the only presents that morning came from my parents. After our Christmas with my family we came back up to Park City to open presents with Joe's parents and have a nice Christmas dinner. Here are some pics of the kids opening their gifts from us.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas!