Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturdays :)

I love Saturdays, no where to be and all day with my family. Yesterday was spent with a bike ride and then down to the Gateway. We went to the children's museum and had an awesome time. We were even lucky enough to get all of us in for the price of 1 admission because the people in front of us had a 6 person pass and only used 3 and they gave the other ones to us. Score :) The kids spent the majority of the time in the grocery store, they loved pretending to be cashiers and stockers and bakers. It is always hard to get the kids to leave that place but luckily they were hungry and we got them leave for California Pizza Kitchen. Joe used to work there so we always get great deals from old coworkers. It was an awesome day spent with my favorite people. <3

(sorry the only pics are on my phone)